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Load shedding is probably imminent

Update (2014-03-04): Load shedding has started so check the schedule and plan for the interruptions:

If you haven’t heard already, load shedding is probably on its way. Eskom has declared a power emergency:

You can check the load shedding schedule on Eskom’s load shedding page. It’s worthwhile making sure you have emergency lights and plan for the possible load shedding timeframes. Keep your devices charged and scout out take out spots and stores that will be open and have power if your power goes out.


Project Management Gamification

Doing some strategic planning and resource allocation this afternoon. It’s pretty tricky.

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Loving OmniPlan

I’ve been trying OmniPlan out for the last few days as some of my projects are becoming more and more complex. It’s quite a bit of a learning curve but I’m enjoying this app!