A trip down memory lane to Stonehenge

Stonehenge by Henry Gressmann on Unsplash

My daughter and I watched this Vox video about Stonehenge over lunch today, and it reminded me of my visit to the UK and Ireland in April 2004: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx-KrvuiafE I found my photos from way back then (in full 640 x 480 resolution⭐️), and was able to impress my daughter by showing her my photos…… Continue reading A trip down memory lane to Stonehenge

Colours and contrasts with flowers

I went for a walk the other day with my camera in my neighbourhood and came across some beautiful subject matter. I’m not sure whether I really ever do subject matter like this justice when I shoot it but I feel compelled to capture it as best I can regardless. Two things stood out for…… Continue reading Colours and contrasts with flowers

Getting started

Credit: Nico Olwagen

Starting something new can be oddly complicated and this time is no different. This post is my little introduction to this new project before you now. You may know me as a digital lawyer and occasional blogger. I have been an amateur photographer, on and off, for about 25 years since my parents bought me…… Continue reading Getting started

3 great photos for a long weekend

I love this photo by Thomas Hawk titled “Water Under a Bridge”. I’m not sure if I have shared this next one before but it is just a terrific image. It is one of Simon Clarke’s photos and it’s title is “blossoming”: Lastly, Chris Frank’s “ALIVE” is a terrific sunset-style photo. Good timing as I…… Continue reading 3 great photos for a long weekend