Accumulating memories in large photo libraries

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

Jamie Rubin wrote a thought-provoking post on his blog about his accumulated library of photographs, and his thoughts about what to do with it. The problem is that I am not organized about my photos the way I am in other parts of my life. I’ve made reluctant attempts at organization now and then, but…… Continue reading Accumulating memories in large photo libraries

The girl on a wall

I've wanted to take photos of this mural for a while now. I see it as I leave my train station in the mornings. I finally talk a walk to a street corner where I had this view of the mural.

Every workday morning, for about a year, I saw this girl on a wall as I exited the Tel Aviv Central train station in Ramat Gan. I found her captivating and kept promising myself that I would take photos of her for my collection.

Changing the Holocaust narrative

Russian survivor liberated 14.04.1945 by U.S. Army in Buchenwald camp in Germany identified a former guard who were brutally beating prisoners.

Shira Abel shared a terrific article titled “20 Photos That Change The Holocaust Narrative” featuring photos which change the Holocaust narrative. Very much worth reading and viewing: Victims. Helpless. Downtrodden. That’s the narrative that’s been spread about Jews for the last 70 years since the Holocaust. We’ve embraced it to our detriment. We can’t seem…… Continue reading Changing the Holocaust narrative

3 great photos for a long weekend

I love this photo by Thomas Hawk titled “Water Under a Bridge”. I’m not sure if I have shared this next one before but it is just a terrific image. It is one of Simon Clarke’s photos and it’s title is “blossoming”: Lastly, Chris Frank’s “ALIVE” is a terrific sunset-style photo. Good timing as I…… Continue reading 3 great photos for a long weekend