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Spectacular mountain landscape

This popped up in my Flickr feed. Spectacular view to kickstart a Monday morning:

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A young me in Ireland a decade ago

In Killarney, Ireland way back in 2004

I just came across this old photo of me on a trip to Ireland with my friend Jonathan. This is me a decade ago. I really look young then!

Entertainment Film

This is the new Batman

I like the look in this photo. It is dark and gritty, a promising successor to the Christopher Nolan movies. I wonder if we’ll see a very different look for Superman? On that note, I can’t wait to see what Wonder Woman looks like. I am really excited about the Batman vs Superman movie (this is a working title as far as I can tell).

My brother pointed me to The Verge’s post which includes another tweet by Zack Snyder with another peek of the Batmobile:

The high resolution detail of the suit and Batmobile are fascinating. I can’t wait for more.


This wind chime photo appeals to me

Stuff that appealed to me today-60

I took this photo yesterday and it really appeals to me.


My son, the photographer

My son took an awesome photo of me with my iPhone today.