A war on phone distractions

I could do with fewer notifications!

Immediately after watching this, I radically changed how I use my phone: I turned off all notifications for everything except my calendar and Google Voice (for SMS messages). That means my phone no longer proactively checks my e-mail, it no longer checks for Facebook activity, it no longer checks for G+ updates, no longer alerts me when I have new @replies on Twitter. This doesn’t mean I don’t read e-mail, post to Facebook, or catch up on G+ or Twitter. When I want to do those things, I can manually update the apps — it takes just a few seconds to do. But what it does mean is that my phone is no longer constantly interrupting me to tell me I have new mail, new comments, new posts to read.

(Link: My War on Phone Distraction)

Mobile Tech Telecoms

Ah, the seductive VoIP telephony allure

This is our latest VoIP configuration for our new offices (which we are now moving into next Friday). I have connected my two office phones to a Linksys VoIP adapter and have configured the adapter with my FNB Connect account. The theory is that the portable phones (we have 2, 1 for me and 1 for Nastassja) can connect to FNB Connect through the Linksys adapter and give callers a single office line to call. Either of us can then pick up the incoming call. The problem is this isn’t working consistently and one issue seems to be multiple devices configured to use the same number.

Ah, the allure of modern VoIP technology. If only it actually worked consistently
VoIP options

This is a fairly frustrating work in progress and the only thing making this worth pursuing is that calls to my Skype online number are reportedly not terrific quality (soft and a little bit of an echo). Also, making calls from Skype is about twice as expensive as FNB Connect. Otherwise, Skype works on multiple devices which can be logged into the same account.