Tag: philosophy

  • Stress, Diabetes and a fresh perspective on Death

    We’re now into March (wow, right?!) and I published some new stuff over the weekend that you might have missed; about work stress, Diabetes and a fresh perspective on Death.

  • Everybody is “I” – life, death and being

    “… we all know very well that after people die, other people are born. And they’re all you.”

  • I like the new Cerebra branding quite a lot so this video by Nice Work was a terrific behind-the-scenes peek at the thinking that went into it:

  • Analogue wins

    Analogue wins in this room. Its the sort of space you can be inspired by, think profound thoughts in and in which a digital device would probably be both unwelcome and an affront to the space itself. Right after that one, is this next room. Wow.