Who are you gonna call? Winchesters! This is an awesome Supernatural parody.

My wife and I are big Supernatural fans. She sent me a link to this awesome parody video from the Hillywood Show that somehow manages to include stars from the show! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsy06n-omrg There’s also a two hour behind the scenes video too! I’ll have to save this one for later, though. But you can watch […]

When the Fort Worth Police Department tried to teach a Stormtrooper to hit a target

It seems that even the Fort Worth Police Department shooting instructors struggle to teach Stormtroopers to hit a target. This awesome recruitment video has been doing the rounds on Facebook and it is really funny. https://www.facebook.com/InsideFWPD/videos/1129407397096752/ My wife also pointed out this interview with Darth Vader. It seems even he doesn’t have what it takes […]

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