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  • Strive for a bronze medal in parenting when you work from home

    Even though we parents are increasingly working from home during the current crisis (and even if you work from home anyway, like me), we still feel the pressure to be stellar parents to our kids. That pressure is intense, especially when our kids are trying to adjust to a new distance learning model, and all […]

  • The challenge of sending kids to school when you work remotely

    This tweet basically encapsulates the challenge of trying to persuade kids to go to school when you work remotely (and from home): In discussions like these, you just need to resort to your authority as the parent … 😂 unsplash-logoNeONBRAND

  • The key to remaining sane as a parent to a pre-teen/teenager

    I’m beginning to think that the key to remaining sane while parenting a pre-teen/teenager is learning to be ok with being regarded as a failure and a disappointment by your child because of your frustrating inability to bend spacetime, lack of infinite cash (available on demand), and general failure be ready to serve at a […]

  • Is there a support group for parents? This is really hard! 😕

  • When kids start treating the staff poorly

    Reconcilable Differences #66, titled “Inherent Injustice”, is both hilarious and cringeworthy for parents. The hosts, Merlin Mann and John Siracusa, were talking about raising young kids, setting examples for them, and issuing parental edicts.

  • Being a parent gives you superpowers

    You know how we tell our kids that we have superpowers like being able to see them doing crazy stuff through walls? Well, sometimes those aren’t myths.

  • I channelled Yoda with our kids without meaning to

    You know how you channel your parents when you become a parent? I went a step further and channelled Yoda!

  • The VR headset made our kids disappear

    Our son recently received a VR headset and watching them use it prompted a few deep thoughts about the risks of VR to kids already consumed by digital screens.