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  • “… you fail, only if you don’t learn from failure.”

    Failure is very much a part of our daily life experience. How we approach failure is important. Om Mailk published a terrific post about failure, titled “Failure is part of learning“. It’s well worth reading. The morning also reminded me of a vital life lesson: you fail only if you don’t learn. A lesson successfully […]

  • This looks like an awesome way to spend a relaxing weekend, actually.

  • Om Malik: showing us how it’s done

    Dave Winer paid tribute to Om Malik on Twitter. I shared my perspective in reply and it seemed wrong to leave my response just as a tweet so I thought I’d re-post my response here too.

  • I agree with Om Malik that news media seems pretty superficial lately, so much so that “the whole stream is just noise”. There is a positive side though.

  • Om Malik has deep insight into the world of the media and shares his thoughts about the media’s pursuit of attention and revenue, regardless of the cost, in a recent blog post.

  • Om Malik’s advice on writing good blog posts

    Om Malik has published his advice on writing good blog posts and it is a treat for writers. He is one of my favourite writers and I had to share this with you.

  • Om Malik has a great post titled “Arista, Uber, Silicon Valley” which presents some much needed perspective on overhyped social companies by contrasting Uber with the less sexy Arista Networks. Worth a read: Last week, at least, to me was perfect illustration of how and what media perceives as technology. Everywhere you looked, you saw […]

  • I love this quote about writing and life: "Writing, to me, is the meaning of life. My life became something special because of writing" Haruki Murakami #QuoteOfTheDay #Write — Om Malik (@om) February 12, 2014 (Thanks to Om Malik for tweeting it).