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  • My new Rams Field Notes notebooks

    I finally received my latest order from Field Notes: the Rams notebooks with dot graph paper. They also arrived just in time, I’m about to finish one of my Three Missions notebooks, and was debating which one to use next. The Three Missions notebooks use graph paper, which is fine for what I do, but […]

  • I keep wanting to buy more Field Notes notebooks …

    I keep wanting to buy more Field Notes notebooks, but I’m not going through the ones I do order fast enough to justify buying more.

  • My first Field Notes notebooks

    Reading about how big a fan of Field Notes notebooks Jamie Rubin is, got me thinking about trying these versatile paper capture devices out.

  • Still keen to try a #Chromebook? @Dell has a nice one.

    I’m pretty keen to try a Chromebook and see how much of what I need to do at work can be done with just one of these. This Dell Chromebook looks pretty compelling, if I was going to buy one … Here is an intro from the product announcement: Dell today announced the continued expansion […]