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  • A Minecraft Dungeons Adventurer’s Life

    A Minecraft Dungeons Adventurer’s Life

    I purchased Minecraft Dungeons for the Nintendo Switch a month or two ago, primarily for our kids. They’re Minecraft fanatics, and they’d been looking forward to this game since they first saw the announcement. I was also curious whether this was a game that I could enjoy? 🤔

  • Fighting Waterblight Ganon in Legend of Zelda is like Groundhog Day

    My gaming experience in Legend of Zelda was going so well, until I found myself facing Waterblight Ganon in the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Defeating this creature requires a level of coordination that seems to elude me.

  • My new gaming adventure

    My new gaming adventure

    I haven’t been much of a gamer, until I started a new, casual gaming adventure in the last week or two. It started when we bought a Nintendo Switch for home.