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  • Google launched Google Currents and released Android and iOS apps. I installed the app and it is a beautiful app but I couldn’t help but notice its similarities to an app that has been around for a while: Feedly. Take a look at these two videos which demonstrate both services’/apps’ functionality: and Feedly is more […]

  • My day just picked up. News has broken that Julius Malema has effectively been kicked out of the ANC Youth League. His ANC membership has been suspended for 5 years. Twitter is going nuts with the news. I aggregated a couple other tweets and will add news stories as I come across them to the […]

  • The Occupy Wall Street protests sparked a series of similar protests across the United States and parts of the world. The South African version appears to have been somewhat limp and unfocussed. I put a Storify page together to track some of the stories I come across, mostly as a Storify experiment and partly because […]

  • News reports about the after effects of the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami, particularly the damage done to and efforts to contain the nuclear reactor at Fukushima are everywhere. Many people are panicking that they will be irradiated, die or start to glow an unpleasant green colour. Facts about what is going on are really important […]

  • No sooner did I publish my post with an interesting observation how the majority of LinkedIn’s users don’t actually use LinkedIn all that much, LinkedIn rolled out a new news product called LinkedIn Today which makes more sense of all the news links people share in LinkedIn updates. This is a pretty interesting move and […]

  • I just picked up on an article in Mail & Guardian titled “The site your mom warned you about” about The Daily Maverick (I got the link in today’s First Thing newsletter, of course) and thought I’d throw in a few cents of my own. If you haven’t read The Daily Maverick or receive the […]

  • The SA Stats employee who vandalised Wikipedia by removing content relating to AIDS in South Africa has been found guilty at an internal disciplinary enquiry. He had his toys taken away from him for 6 months (that is, no Internet access) and has to work with an employee assistance program. The employee’s punishment is generally […]

  • It occurred to me on Friday night that it would have been a good idea to be in court on Friday morning when the Minister’s lawyers and The Sunday Times’ lawyers argued the matter in the High Court before Judge Mahomed Jajbhay on Friday. The reports of the arguments were interesting, although incomplete (there doesn’t […]