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  • Putting one word after another

    “Mostly, it’s a process of putting one word after another.” Writing sometimes require a more conventional approach when the unicorn rainbows fade.

  • The NeverEnding Story finally makes sense to me

    I watched The NeverEnding Story with our kids this evening and it all finally made sense to me, partly with the help of a quote by Neil Gaiman.

  • “I believe that repressing ideas spreads ideas”

    I read a Brain Pickings article about Neil Gaiman’s thoughts about writing, fiction and ideas this morning. I had to share some of my favourite quotes with you.

  • It’s ok to dislike your writing, just not yourself

    I really like this piece of advice from Neil Gaiman to a writer. We all write stuff and dislike it immensely for different reasons. Often, the work doesn’t meet some expectation we have and that’s ok but don’t dislike yourself for having written it.