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  • We’re heading to the Moon in a new beginning with SpaceIL

    Israel’s first, private lunar lander is on its way to the Moon after a successful launch onboard the SpaceX Nusantara Satu mission. If our lander makes it to the lunar surface, Israel will be the fourth nation to land on the Moon, and the first country to land SpaceIL‘s privately built spacecraft. Building the lander […]

  • Grainy Moon photos were a ruse!

    Those grainy Moon photos the public saw back in the early days of NASA’s Moon missions were a ruse! No, not that ruse. Humans really went to the Moon. The ruse is that NASA actually captured much higher resolution images, but didn’t disclose them publicly because they didn’t want the Soviets to know how good […]

  • There may be extraterrestrial life on Saturn’s moon

    Space activist Ariel Waldman pointed out that Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, may contain extraterrestrial life in its watery ocean that remains hidden beneath thick ice.

  • Looking back to see the Moon passing over the Earth

    NASA released images of the Moon passing over the Earth that looks unreal … literally. We are used to photos of the Moon from our vantage point down here and on its own. This almost looks like an illustration, especially when you consider that the side of the Moon we see in this photo is […]

  • Morning Moon

    The Moon looked particularly enticing this morning and I grabbed my camera and tripod and rushed outside and took a couple photos. They’re not quite the huge Moon you often see from better zoom lenses but these came out ok. The rest of my Moon photos are here.