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Little Red Flowers

These flowers seem to all over Modiin. I have no idea what they’re called but they’re pretty.

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Love this Star Trek wallpaper for my phone

Star Trek wallpaperI decided to change my lock screen wallpaper today and went looking for a Star Trek wallpaper. I’m a bit of a fan and we’ve been watching the Star Trek Voyager series for the last couple months (we’ve already watched TNG and DS9 again).

When it comes to phone wallpapers, I prefer darker backgrounds. One reason is so my phone doesn’t become a second Sun when I am sitting in the dark with our kids, putting them to sleep. Another reason is that I want to minimise clashes with app icons and on-screen text so I can see what I’m doing.

I did a couple Google searches and came up with this great wallpaper that I love. I searched for it on my desktop and found a version on the Mobile Abyss site. It looks terrific on my phone.

Another option is this version on the same site. It has a bigger badge but a very different look. I haven’t tried it yet but it could look great on your device.

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Raindrops on a leaf

We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately and one of the upsides is that I see this sort of thing when I arrive at work after evening showers. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken photos of raindrops on leaves at my office but it is still something I enjoying taking photos of.

I shot this main image with my iPhone 5 using the TrueHDR app. It is interesting to contrast this with the stock iPhone 5 camera app version:

Raindrops shot using the camera app on my iPhone 5
Raindrops shot using the camera app on my iPhone 5
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Heading north on the Gautrain

I’m heading to Centurion with my wife this morning for some civil service admin and, hopefully, a more efficient process.

I’m using the trip as an opportunity to capture more Gautrain images for my collection. I managed to delete my RAW files from my Rhodesfield collection (I still cringe when I think about it).

I think the Centurion platform is one of my favourites. Here are a couple HDR shots I took with TrueHDR a this morning. I have more on my Nikon which I’ll work on later.

Update: I started working through my DSLR photos and picked out these two to share in the meantime. I’m presenting at a conference next week so I’ll have to finish the photoset off in the next couple days.

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One morning at the office

I’ve been walking to work a lot lately. I live relatively close and I’ve come to enjoy being on foot, for the most part. You notice a lot more about your environment when you walk it and when I walk with my camera (which is often lately), it’s not difficult to find new subject matter.

I took a few photos one morning at the office as I walked into the property the other day. I really liked how the sun came through an avocado tree and the 50mm lens I had on my Nikon didn’t give me the perspective I wanted so I switched to my iPhone instead.

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Context aware Evernote notes

I noticed a cool feature on the iOS Evernote app. If you create a note when you have an event scheduled in your calendar, the app auto-populates the title field with the event description.

You can change it but if you don’t tap on the title field and just add note content or an attachment, the note will have that title. Very handy!

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Are you on Path?

I read a Path 2.0 review on GigaOm’s theAppleBlog this morning and installed the app on my iPhone.

So what is Path? According to Colleen Taylor writing about the app’s launch for GigaOm:

Path 2 aims to be a “smart journal” that catalogs all the big and small moments of your daily life. Along with your photos and videos, the new app has features that let you keep track of your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, and even when you wake and when you sleep. You can choose to keep each update entirely to yourself, share it with your Path contacts (limited to 150 based on Dunbar’s number), or share it publicly via Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare (Tumblr support is on the way.)

I have heard of Path before and it didn’t really appeal to me but I thought I’d give it a try. I set up a Path pretty quickly on my phone and connected to the couple people I would include as friends for the purposes of personal sharing. I stopped there and wondered whether this sort of app would have value for me when I have Facebook available to me for more personal sharing and this blog for general sharing (not to mention Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Vimeo and more).

I suppose the point is that Path gives you the ability to publish a content stream to friends and family (you are limited to 150 people so you are encouraged to make your friends list a meaningful list) in a convenient mobile app. That is pretty much what I do on Facebook and Facebook isn’t limited to iOS and Android like Path is. It is also not another social network for my mom and wife to join and use in tandem with Facebook. That said, its a beautiful and dynamic app but design and functionality generally isn’t enough to sway users en masse. Ultimately, sharing only works if the people you want to share with are using the same service as you.