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  • Little Red Flowers

    These flowers seem to all over Modiin. I have no idea what they’re called but they’re pretty.

  • Love this Star Trek wallpaper for my phone

    I decided to change my lock screen wallpaper today and went looking for a Star Trek wallpaper. I found one that I love and I thought I’d share it with my fellow Trekkies.

  • Raindrops on a leaf

    We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately and one of the upsides is that I see this sort of thing when I arrive at work after evening showers. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken photos of raindrops on leaves at my office but it is still something I enjoying taking photos of. I shot […]

  • Heading north on the Gautrain

    I’m heading to Centurion with my wife this morning for some civil service admin and, hopefully, a more efficient process. I’m using the trip as an opportunity to capture more Gautrain images for my collection. I managed to delete my RAW files from my Rhodesfield collection (I still cringe when I think about it). I […]

  • One morning at the office

    I’ve been walking to work a lot lately. I live relatively close and I’ve come to enjoy being on foot, for the most part. You notice a lot more about your environment when you walk it and when I walk with my camera (which is often lately), it’s not difficult to find new subject matter. […]

  • Context aware Evernote notes

    I noticed a cool feature on the iOS Evernote app. If you create a note when you have an event scheduled in your calendar, the app auto-populates the title field with the event description. You can change it but if you don’t tap on the title field and just add note content or an attachment, […]

  • Are you on Path?

    I read a Path 2.0 review on GigaOm’s theAppleBlog this morning and installed the app on my iPhone. So what is Path? According to Colleen Taylor writing about the app’s launch for GigaOm: Path 2 aims to be a “smart journal” that catalogs all the big and small moments of your daily life. Along with […]