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  • One of the benefits of not using Facebook much is that I see how Facebook entices occasional users back into the fold.

  • Slack Hacks for even more awesomeness

    Here is a terrific collection of Slack hacks to get even more from Slack.

  • No more support for WhatsApp on BlackBerry

    WhatsApp is dropping support for BlackBerry devices along with a number of older devices in 2016. No more WhatsApp on BlackBerry will likely only accelerate BlackBerry’s demise.

  • Your friendly, personified brand

    The personified brand is a smart marketing tactic that plays on our preference to deal with human beings rather than some or other impersonal brand.

  • No 140-character limit on Twitter DMs; does it matter?

    Twitter finally announced that it has removed the 140-character limit on Twitter Direct Messages. Great move, but is it too late to entice users who already use other private chat apps to switch to Twitter? Direct Messages now go beyond 140 characters. Go long, express yourself, wax poetic: https://t.co/zr2lnTfOI7 pic.twitter.com/o4eSv6Wv5u — Twitter (@Twitter) August 12, 2015 […]

  • How sandwiches switched from email to Slack

    It is starting to seems like everyone is using Slack for internal comms within teams. I have at least two clients using it and I know of a couple other small teams using it too. (On a related note, the Slack referral program which gives you $100 in credit when you sign up expires at […]

  • The messaging space seems to be the antithesis of email. Where email works using common protocols and a variety of email applications that all support them, messaging apps rarely talk to each other and basically function in silos. The messaging space is a surprisingly tricky one to dominate but a few of the services are […]