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  • 100 000 Photos of Hope and a few of my own

    We took a drive to Melrose Arch to see what the Sunflower Fund‘s 100 000 Photos of Hope exhibition and donor drive. The event’s supporters included Nikon South Africa, IVOK, Pix Magazine and the Photo & Film Expo. I’d been thinking about taking my camera out for some exercise (I’ve been so busy lately I…

  • Popping into Melrose Arch

    Something about this view appeals to me. Melrose Arch is such a beautiful complex, I don’t understand why its management doesn’t encourage people to take photos of the spaces and share them.

  • Driving through @melrosearch on @MTNSouthAfrica's network

    I know I pot about MTN quite a bit lately but Melrose Arch has some pretty good transfer rates. This was taken driving through Melrose Arch but I’ve had even better transfer rates in the Piazza in particular. I also post this stuff because high speeds, especially the upload rates, excite me.