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  • In his post “The problem with “do what you love””, Rian van der Merwe linked to Miya Tokumitsu’s article in Slate which is titled “In the Name of Love” in which she critiques the idea that we should do the work we love: There’s little doubt that “do what you love” (DWYL) is now the […]

  • It struck me how insubstantial so much social media activity was last year (and probably has been for a while). Brands responding on social media have generally over-promised and under-delivered. We saw lots of new jargon and little substance to go with it. Where was the real? One of the things I am hoping for […]

  • People get really worked up about crap which doesn’t deserve nearly as much attention as it receives. That crap usually comprises people making stupid comments about things and everyone else taking deep personal offence. What follows is a Twitter mob that lacks perspective. This story on the SouthAfrica Instagram profile is an awesome item which […]