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  • Time is running out

    Time is running out

    In the background there is a nagging feeling that time is running out for us. We spend all our time trying to satisfy everyone else’s demands and rarely satisfying our own.

  • Your calling and meaningful work

    Do you do meaningful work? Do you feel you have found your calling or have you made the work you do important? Sometimes it’s more about how you approach your work.

  • You’re miserable because you’re not writing

    If you are a writer you need to write. If you are miserable, you are probably not writing and the only solution is to return to your writing and just write something.

  • “If you’re not proud of it, don’t serve it”

    If you’re not proud of your work, it probably isn’t meaningful work worth doing.

  • You can’t do great work until you love what you do

    Om Malik published a short reminder of one of the many great quotes from the late Steve Jobs: The only way to do great work is to love what you do It reminds of the idea that doing the work you love is the path to meaning and fulfillment. Thanks Om!

  • Are words meaningless when they are digital? Words without meaning & the reality of networked communication: For instance, today is the birthday of one of my dear friends and I sent her an email and followed up with a text message exchange. Another friend in India, got a Skype call. To others I sit down and […]

  • All for our kids

    I’ve just put our kids to sleep. My wife is at a meeting tonight so it was my chance to read them a bedtime story about a rhino and its compulsion to run everywhere before putting our daughter to bed first. I had a realisation while I listened to her breathing deeply that I’ve felt […]

  • Wow, what a year this has been. “Challenging” doesn’t quite describe it for me. My business is evolving rapidly and about to take what could potentially be a radical leap in a fairly different direction and while I’m excited about it, it also scares me more than a little (which means it is probably also […]