Tag: machine learning

  • This video just drives home the link between personal device use, and the future awakening of our AI overlords. This reminds me of how Google used it’s free phone information service to gather voice samples to train its voice recognition algorithms. The main difference here is that Google wants is users to train its nascent […]

  • Family photos are a generational thing

    Family photos are immensely important to me. They are our memories and I make a point of capturing as much as I can and storing them for future generations.

  • The Evernote Cloud is moving to Google

    The Evernote cloud is migrating to Google Cloud Platform. In itself, it isn’t particularly interesting for users but there could be some cool features down the line.

  • I am still amazed at how smart machines are when it comes to understanding what we include in our photos. I just ran two simple searches on Facebook and Google+ Photos of my photos and received these results: I think Google’s machine learning is better when it comes to semantic searches although I haven’t conducted any […]