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  • Link: Scrapping with PowerPoint with Di@Legacy4Life: It’s finally here … “Scrapping with PowerPoint” My friend, Diana, is a passionate scrapbooker and has published a terrific ebook on how to scrapbook with PowerPoint.  This is a fantastic resource if you are also passionate about scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking in particular.  The ebook costs $4,99 for the […]

  • Link: You’re A Wimp – The Daddy Complex: Shit They Don’t Tell You About Fatherhood After my wife and I feed the boys their last bottle for the night, they reach up indicating they want to snuggle on our shoulders. They do this every night. My wife and I sit in silence for a […]

  • Link: Israel is Not an Apartheid State This is a terrific article by the South African Chief Rabbi addressing the misconception that Israel is an apartheid state.