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  • Link: Jessica Simpson’s slip | I published this post almost 6 years ago and it is consistently my top post on my blog in terms of traffic.  393 unique views in the last month alone.

  • Link: SM Pioneers: So. Africa’s Helen Zille — Global Neighbourhoods Shel Israel recently interviewed the Democratic Alliance’s leader, Helen Zille.  It is a pretty interesting interview and sheds light on the DA’s social media strategy.

  • Link: Is Hosni Mubarak Still President of Egypt? In case you were wondering …

  • Link: Getting Started With Evernote. | “These simple steps will put you on the path to a superhuman memory” … love that!

  • Link: Amateur photography: Not quite in The Zone @ Rosebank I had yet another minor altercation with mall security over my tendency to take photos of places that appeal to me yesterday.  I was at the The Zone @ Rosebank yesterday and was told I can’t take photos without permission. I was tempted to […]

  • Link: Think your breasts look weird? Think again. via blackenedbutterfly: This is what non-edited breasts look like. There’s an extensive gallery of user-submitted pictures of what the normal range of breasts actually look like (as opposed to the images of perfect breasts we see in the media).

  • Link: Instapaper awarded Macworld’s Editors’ Choice I’ve been using Instapaper to send articles to my Kindle DX to read when I have a chance (the result is a personalized magazine or newspaper).  It is a terrific service and a great way to keep up with all that reading I don’t have time for as I […]

  • Link: His Boy Elroy @ Last.fm I found some of this group’s music on iTunes and it is practically sublime … I already had and loved a couple tracks I got off ccMixter but this stuff I got today is inspiring!