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How digital media drives innovation in architecture

I really enjoyed Marc Kushner‘s TED talk about how digital media has become a catalyst for innovation in architecture. I love the new shapes we see, especially when it comes to modern libraries. If you are interested in architectural innovation, take 18 minutes and watch Kushner’s talk.

Here is a little more inspiration from the Architizer Twitter profile:

Image credit: Pexels


Will these libraries appeal to our kids in a digital future?

I noticed this post on Facebook about 6 buildings that are helping to redefine libraries. I wonder: will these libraries appeal to our kids as much as the more traditional libraries in our cities appealed to us when we were young and lacked the digital devices our kids have?

In an age when Google can replace much of the information-gathering duties librarians once shouldered, libraries need to rethink how they can best serve their users.

Posted by Co.Design on Sunday, April 12, 2015

I remember spending hours in libraries in my hometown and taking piles of books out for 2 weeks at a time. At some point I just stopped visiting libraries and now, when I think about new books to read, I don’t think about visiting a library, I decide between the Amazon Kindle store and the Apple iBooks store.