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  • Too Israeli for Israelis

    Israelis can be an acquired taste but is it possible for an Israeli to be too Israeli, even for other Israelis?

  • Becoming Israeli is the hard part

    Becoming an Israeli citizen was the easy part. Becoming an Israeli is the hard part. Part of it is tied to Hebrew (for me at least) and the rest is about internalising my people’s history.

  • When you make aliya “… you will be a Jew – not Jewish”

    Our aliya process is very much a work in progress. This list of aliya “facts” is a little funny and I’ll find out in a few years how true they are but one stands out for me.

  • Our Holocaust and ancient spirituality

    I visited the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem, with my mother on her first day in Israel. It was the beginning of a profound journey in my new home.

  • Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

    Bibi is another learner Israeli who arrived here about 3 months ago. She is blogging about her experiences and, when I read her latest post, it reminds me what we experienced a few months ago (and still do).

  • I’m nearing the end of my ulpan classes and my teacher is pushing my linguistic envelope a little. He sent me a relatively advanced text about my city, Modi’in, and suggested I present to my class about it tonight.

  • Finding my Israeli identity in Hebrew

    I am an עולה חדש (oleh hadash – new immigrant) and the more time we spend here the more I believe that being fluent in Hebrew is my key to unlocking my new identity.

  • When not knowing more Hebrew than your kids do can hurt them

    Knowing more Hebrew is as much about helping your kids progress as it is about being able to order your morning coffee.