If you want capable teams, don’t boss them around

Bossy people don’t create capable teams, they create the functional equivalent of well trained German Shepherds. Don’t be that boss.

The flipside of treating employees like children

There are two perspectives on treating employees like children. The one is harmful (as you may imagine) and the other can be very positive.

Taking the lead

Take the lead, give others permission to contribute: It turns out that finding the employee/partner/consultant who says, “this is what we should do, follow me,” is rare and precious. More valuable than just about anything that’s printed on a resume.

A wealth of knowledge and inspiration at the 2014 Discovery Leadership Summit

I am privileged to be at the 2014 Discovery Leadership Summit today. I am here as media (so I was given a ticket) and this is a dream come true for me. The speakers are exceptional and I just haven’t had an opportunity to attend before. I am taking notes as the Summit proceeds and […]

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