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  • The history of Humanity’s #JourneyToMars

    The history of Humanity’s #JourneyToMars

    I’m really looking forward to the movie, “The Martian“. The latest trailer looks awesome: As cool as the movie looks, the real-life #JourneyToMars is even more spectacular. NASA JPL released a retrospective video titled “50 Years of Mars Exploration” showcasing highlights from Humanity’s 50 year history exploring Mars. 50 years! NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs has […]

  • Watching the Mars Rover landing in bed

    I just watched the JPL live feed as the Mars Rover landed on Mars and began transmitting data back from the red planet’s surface. Aside from being able to watch this historic event (well, live from JPL, the data from Mars is delayed due to the distance to Mars), I got a huge kick out […]