Our daughter asked me why people hate Jews?

Our 10 year old daughter asked me two nights ago why people hate Jews? I’ve thought about this a lot. The explanations that I’ve come up with are: 1. Perhaps we Jews are just fundamentally evil? 2. People misunderstand, and fear Jews. https://twitter.com/HeidiBachram/status/1394606506436399108 I’m clearly biased, being a Jewish Israeli. I don’t believe that we…… Continue reading Our daughter asked me why people hate Jews?

Ancient Hebrew texts emerges from the ashes

Completed virtual unwrapping for the En-Gedi scroll, courtesy of Science Advances. License: CC BY-NC 4.0

A group of scientists have collaborated to recover portions of the En-Gedi scroll, ancient Hebrew texts that were almost destroyed by fire over 1 700 years ago.