How do I untether my iOS devices from my Mac

I currently have my iPhone and iPad effectively tethered to my MacBook Air. Both sync with and backup to my MacBook Air (my iPad used to backup to iCloud and then decided not to). I have about 16GB of apps on my MacBook Air which exist there solely to service my iOS devices and I’d […]

Android apologists and the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5’s announcement inspired a lot of ridicule from the Android user community this last week. Critics smirked at the increased height and made the usual comments that Android smartphones do everything the iPhone 5 does and have for some time. They may be right about much of that. They have also joked about […]

A solution to hidden delegated Google calendars in iOS devices

I noticed that my delegated calendars in my work Google Calendar account were not showing up in my iPhone’s and iPad’s calendar app. These calendars are shared calendars that I use for team meetings and so on. I keep them separate from my main calendar. I battled to find a solution until I found this […]

Context aware Evernote notes

I noticed a cool feature on the iOS Evernote app. If you create a note when you have an event scheduled in your calendar, the app auto-populates the title field with the event description. You can change it but if you don’t tap on the title field and just add note content or an attachment, […]

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