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Tim Cook interview: why he publicly announced that he’s gay

I just watched this interview with Tim Cook about why he made the decision to publicly announce that he’s gay. It’s well worth watching!

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TWiT and @SteveMartinToGo sitting in a podcast

I have been subscribed to numerous TWiT podcasts for years now and Triangulation is an awesome show. In Triangulation Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt interview tech luminaries, thinkers and generally amazing people. In episode 41 they interviewed Steve Martin and this show is a must watch. I am about 11 minutes in and they have been talking about Steve Martin’s approach to Twitter.

Grab some lunch and watch this during your lunch hour. It will be worth it.

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Conan O'Brien interviews Jeff Goldblum and gets his nails clipped

I love Conan O’Brien’s interviews and this interview with Jeff Goldblum is a little weird but fun: