Settling In For The Ride Home

I don’t use Instagram’s Boomerang app that often. It’s fun with my kids at times. I was playing around with it last night when we were waiting for a train and captured this fun video:

No more device guilt

All those notifications and conversations can rapidly become sources of guilt. One solution is just not to create the profiles in the first place.

Kids these days and our grown-up tendency towards permanence

Chris Messina had a generational crisis on his hands when another Chris, Chris Kellly (yes, 3 l’s) gave him a hard time about his (Messina’s) Instagram username: @chris. You should spend a few minutes reading the comments on Messina’s Instagram photo quickly. The younger Chris was pretty put out by the older Chris refusing to […]

Sunday Instagram

Going through my Instagram stream for the first time in a long time and it looks like a lot of people had an awesome Sunday!

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