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Happy Mothers' Day Moms

‘Mother and Child’

Henry Essenhigh Corke (1883-1919); Autochrome

Collection of National Media Museum

Mothers’ Day has rolled around again and its a convenient time to stop for a day and pay more attention to the women who made it possible for us to be here in the first place. I took a stroll through some YouTube channels I follow and found some great videos paying tribute to our Moms. I especially like the Facebook video:

Nokia has a great one too titled #Notetomom – Happy Mothers’ Day:

We all know inspiring Moms (aside from our own, of course) and some of the Moms who inspire me include Gina (my wife), Di, Taryn and Victoire.

Swiss Mother and Child on the Beach at Long Key State Park Family Is on a Tour of the United States, Camping Along the Way.
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A wealth of knowledge and inspiration at the 2014 Discovery Leadership Summit

Discovery Leadership Summit at the Sandton Convention Centre

I am privileged to be at the 2014 Discovery Leadership Summit today. I am here as media (so I was given a ticket) and this is a dream come true for me. The speakers are exceptional and I just haven’t had an opportunity to attend before. I am taking notes as the Summit proceeds and I’ll share those a bit later. For now, the tweets are a treasure trove for any entrepreneur or business person. Here are some highlights:

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Why would G-d cry for Madiba?

2013-12-11 Rain on my window

Our 6 year old son were talking about Nelson Mandela yesterday. He told me that the rain we has yesterday and the day before were “Hashem’s1 tears because Nelson Mandela died”. I turned to him and asked him why G-d2 would cry for Mandela and he told me its because he has died.

I thought for a moment and told my son that G-d wouldn’t cry for Mandela because he has returned to G-d. He wouldn’t cry because Madiba has lived a long life and has done so much for so many that his life will remain an inspiration for generations. G-d wouldn’t be sad that Mandela has died, She would be smiling because he died the embodiment of the greatness we all possess and often leave to wither.

Like you, I’ve been watching much of the talk about him and what I have appreciated the most are the stories people like us have shared about their experiences with Madiba and how he has inspired them in so many ways. I never had an opportunity to meet him and its tempting to idolise him (I’ve seen the inevitable references to Mandela as G-d’s son) but President Barack Obama’s sentiment is far more meaningful:

Given the sweep of his life, the scope of his accomplishments, the adoration that he so rightly earned, it’s tempting I think to remember Nelson Mandela as an icon, smiling and serene, detached from the tawdry affairs of lesser men. But Madiba himself strongly resisted such a lifeless portrait. (Applause.) Instead, Madiba insisted on sharing with us his doubts and his fears; his miscalculations along with his victories. “I am not a saint,” he said, “unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”

It was precisely because he could admit to imperfection – because he could be so full of good humor, even mischief, despite the heavy burdens he carried – that we loved him so. He was not a bust made of marble; he was a man of flesh and blood – a son and a husband, a father and a friend. And that’s why we learned so much from him, and that’s why we can learn from him still. For nothing he achieved was inevitable. In the arc of his life, we see a man who earned his place in history through struggle and shrewdness, and persistence and faith. He tells us what is possible not just in the pages of history books, but in our own lives as well.

So, no, I don’t think the rain we had the last few days were G-d’s tears because Madiba has passed away. Instead, the rain was a cleansing rain. When it eased and the sun shone through again, the earth felt refreshed as if we had collectively begun a new chapter, as if we were somehow renewed and have an opportunity to take the best of what Nelson Mandela came to represent and embody and continue that legacy both personally and as a collective.

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Envision, create and believe in your own universe

I’m reading Tony Hsieh’s book, “Delivering Happiness” and love this advice he received from a guest at his 1999 New Year party:

Envision, create and believe in your own universe and the Universe will form around you

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Ze Frank's Invocation for Beginners

Once in a while there are inspirational messages which are worth repeating and keeping. This is one of them. If you are starting something, you must watch this at least twice. The first time is just to expose yourself to the hope and the optimism and the second time is to listen to the message more carefully. Rinse, repeat. Here is Ze Frank’s “An Invocation for Beginners“:

But wait, there’s more …

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If you are afraid, you're on the right track

I love this paragraph from Seth Godin’s latest post titled “Fear, scarcity and value“:

The shortcut is simple: if you’re afraid of something, of putting yourself out there, of creating a kind of connection or a promise, that’s a clue that you’re on the right track. Go, do that.

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So many ways to be awesome

I love this one (you should subscribe to the Indexed blog, some great stuff there):