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  • How to beat writer’s block – move your fingers

    Sometimes you just have to type or write something to overcome writer’s block, even if it is complete rubbish.

  • Wisdom from the Buddha, translated into South African English: don’t be a doos!

  • Inspirational advice about how you should shoot for the Moon because, even if you miss, you will be amongst the stars … terms and conditions apply.

  • Yes oui כן

    Yes oui כן

    I attend ulpan classes two evenings a week to learn Hebrew. As you can imagine, the other people in my class come from different countries and there is a mix of languages in between the Hebrew lessons. Last night, our teacher wrote this on the board and it really appealed to me for a couple […]

  • First lesson in SEAL training: make your bed

    If you enjoy inspiring commencement speeches, watch this one by US Admiral William McRaven who inspired the 2014 graduate class with lessons he learned from basic SEAL training. The first lesson is to make your bed and it makes a lot of sense when he explains why.

  • I dug up my old “Life’s Little Instruction Book: Volume 2” and opened to this gem (no. 694): Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.

  • I believe that we should do things that scare us and challenge us because that is how can take huge strides forward. This afternoon I worked on a memo for a client in which I advised my client on how to structure a particular software transaction. It was fairly different to the sort of work […]

  • I saw this awesome line on a roadside ad (probably for a gym): Sweat is your fat crying