Om Malik: showing us how it’s done

Dave Winer paid tribute to Om Malik on Twitter. I shared my perspective in reply and it seemed wrong to leave my response just as a tweet so I thought I’d re-post my response here too.

Celebrating Women in Tech with the awesome #WITBragDay meme

My favourite meme at the moment is the awesome #WITBragDay meme on Twitter that celebrates women in tech. It seems to have been started by Alice Goldfuss with her tweet.

Facing a blank page

Staring at a blank page and being unable to fill it with something intelligible is a common experience of writer’s block, the bane of most writers.

A brand new ending

You can’t change your beginning but you can create your brand new ending to your life. Every choice is a step towards that ending.

“… something as wondrous as writing.”

I love Susan Orlean’s thoughts about writing and her quote about appreciating “having an opportunity to do something as wondrous as writing” really stands out for me this morning.

My favourite writing advice

I started reading “Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers” and thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes (so far).

How to beat writer’s block – move your fingers

Sometimes you just have to type or write something to overcome writer’s block, even if it is complete rubbish.

Wisdom from the Buddha: “Try not to be a doos!”

Wisdom from the Buddha, translated into South African English: don’t be a doos!

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