Tag: imagination

  • I just watched Inside Out with our daughter. It’s a wonderful family movie that speaks to our emotions and how they change as we grow up and face new challenges. If you haven’t seen it yet, make some time to do it.

  • The tooth fairy versus the scientific method

    Our daughter is about to lose a tooth and she is really hoping that a tooth fairy will arrive at the appointed time. The question is whether we should maintain the illusion of a tooth fairy (or mouse)?

  • The NeverEnding Story finally makes sense to me

    I watched The NeverEnding Story with our kids this evening and it all finally made sense to me, partly with the help of a quote by Neil Gaiman.

  • How Pluto passed up its opportunity for “planet” status for a friend

    Do you remember when Pluto was a planet? Those were the days when we had 9 planets in our Solar System and then things changed. Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet. Do you know the backstory behind that change? What may seem like some astronomical body’s decision to reclassify this celestial body was really […]

  • Fear Is A Choice

    I finally watched After Earth a couple nights ago. It received pretty lousy reviews and I was expecting a big disappointment. It wasn’t the best movie I have seen but I enjoyed it. One quote stood out for me. It is about the nature of fear which is a strong central theme of the movie: […]