They’re all third world problems

When you think about it, all our problems are third world problems. This thought from the Shower Thoughts reddit was particularly funny.

Why Slack release notes are so much fun

If you love Slack release notes as much as I do then you’ll love this article by Slack’s Anna Pickard with insights into her team’s approach to release notes.

When lawyers don't take each other's demands seriously

The Lawyerist’s post titled 9 Epic Responses To Legal Threats is a must-read for lawyers and people who aren’t really fans of lawyers. My favourites are numbers 4 (Jack Daniels) and 9 (West Orange). Here is a taste of the West Orange reply: Oh, and just to play along, had you intended for your letter […]

A man walks into a library

I heard a pretty funny joke yesterday and have to share it:

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