In person kudos at the Automattic Grand Meetup

We have an amazing culture at Automattic that includes giving each other kudos as one form of recognition for great work, whether that’s delivering happiness to a customer, or to each other. Typically we use a Slack bot to share kudos, and that’s posted to an internal WordPress site dedicated to showcasing internal kudos. At […]

Write: where handwriting and digital editing meet

Write is a curious product. The goal is to take your handwritten notes, and make them editable in a digital format.

Are handwritten notes better than typed?

My workflow is primarily digital but I much prefer handwritten notes for general note-taking over digital. It seems to be a more flexible medium for me and there are many who agree.

Trying out the Ozaki Stylus R with my iPad

I bought an Adonit Jot Pro stylus a while ago to use with my iPad 3 and I struggle writing stuff on my iPad with it. It seems to jump around a bit. It is possible I am not holding it correctly (or something) but I tend not to use it even though I have […]

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