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  • Your kids, when you are in a rush

    Your kids, when you are in a rush

    Few creatures are slower than your kids when you are in a rush. It seems to be a universal law of nature.

  • Photography shakeup for 2017

    Photography shakeup for 2017

    Eric Kim’s post titled “25 Photography New Year’s Resolutions” reminded me about changes I want to make to my photography habits in 2017

  • Mental workouts to for a productivity boost

    HubSpot has a great post with a couple mental workouts which could help you give your productivity a boost.

  • Cracking the kiddie code

    Cracking the kiddie code

    I’ve been thinking about our kids and their quirks and triggers a little more lately. In one sense it’s always on my mind because we interact with them daily, obviously, but what I mean is that I have been thinking about the little opportunities to understand our kids better as if they represent codes we…