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  • This is the one major blind spot Facebook has – search. This move is a really interesting way to come at social relevance from the other direction and I think its going to be an exciting change. Now all Google+ needs is Facebook’s user base to make all that personal search truly useful. Update: Kathryn […]

  • Never mind the Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter debate, there are pretty strong similarities between Google+ and Tumblr and Posterous. I used to use Posterous and Tumblr depending on my mood and closed down my Posterous site when I realised I didn’t really have a need for it given my preference for Tumblr anyway. Besides, […]

  • Google+ launched as a limited field test about a month and a half ago. I got an invitation to use it at the end of June and have been hooked pretty much since the beginning. When it launched much of the commentary was that Google+ is a Facebook and Twitter killer. A month and a […]