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  • Passionate about their environment

    I’m watching a couple photography related videos today and just watched this Leica video titled “Richard Seymour: Photographing Leitz-Park with the Leica S“. Seymour’s work is amazing, absolutely beautiful: I like his comment that – … all visual creators are passionate about their environment …” and how this passionate drives photographers to create great work.

  • Why Flickr is better than Google Photos

    As many predicted, Google relaunched its photos service as the standalone Google Photos just days after I told you why you should use Flickr as your primary photo storage and sharing service. Google Photos is a pretty good service but it still doesn’t beat Flickr where it counts, at least not for me. Keep reading […]

  • James Day ruined wedding photography: “I did what everyone else told me would be impossible.”

    Australian wedding photographer, James Day, just ruined wedding photography for everyone else with one of the most ambitious projects I’ve come across: delivering the finished wedding album on the day of the wedding! I knew I had to do something absolutely insane for Michael (Gray) & Jane. With Jane being my wife’s identical twin and […]

  • Mobile HDR photography

    I’m intrigued by how iPhone camera apps handle HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. The default camera app has a pretty decent HDR setting which I use routinely. It tends to result in much richer images than without the setting enabled. I thought I’d try out the TrueHDR app which I’ve had on my phone for […]

  • Anyone using @Lightroom to manage photo libraries?

    Is anyone using Lightroom to manage a photo library? I’ve been using Picasa but I am considering switching my habit to Lightroom to manage my libraries (I already using Lightroom for all my photo editing). I need to be able to manage photos on multiple drives which preferably update dynamically (I know I can also […]

  • TrueHDR: an awesome iOS photo app to consider

    I’ve been using TrueHDR on my iPhone, on and off, for a little while now. The app takes HDR photos by taking 3 separate photos and combining them into some really spectacular looking images. I was playing around with the app the other day and noticed that, like Instagram and Camera+ (two photo apps I […]

  • Better migration from iPhoto to Picasa using Phoshare

    I just came across an app called Phoshare which should enable you to fully migrate from iPhoto to Picasa and other file-based photo management tools. The big challenge migrating from the current version of iPhoto, iPhoto ’11, is that the iPhoto library is no longer represented in Picasa in the same way. Album structures are […]

  • Camera+ takes iPhone photography to exciting places

    I’ve just been listening/watching MacBreak Weekly 198 and one of the apps the panel discussed is photographer Lisa Bettany’s new app, Camera+. Take a look at this video: I am envious of iPhone users generally because they have these sorts of apps available. I still love Android but Android doesn’t have these sorts of apps […]