Heading north on the Gautrain – part 2

As I wrote the other day, my wife and I took the train north for some family admin. I just finished processing my photos from the trip and I’m still a fan of Gautrain platforms and stations. Here are a couple of my photos from the album. I used the opportunity to experiment a little more with some of the images. The results may be technically incorrect but I like the effect, especially the one with the security guard and the commuter.

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The Rosebank commuter

I grouped some of the photos I took this morning together into a set I’m calling “The Rosebank commuter”. It’s a working title, really, and it extends a couple photos I took while I was waiting for the train at the Rhodesfield Gautrain station a while ago which I titled “The commuter”.

I initially titled photos of one particular person “The Rosebank commuter” and as I edited more of my photos and came up with these particular ones I started thinking that, perhaps, the Rosebank commuter isn’t just one arbitrarily chosen commuter but rather a sort of multi-faceted personality and each of these people represent one of those facets.

You don’t really have to overthink it quite like I have, it’s just a thought that occurred to me while I was editing. I would like to know what you think about the photos?

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Heading north on the Gautrain

I’m heading to Centurion with my wife this morning for some civil service admin and, hopefully, a more efficient process.

I’m using the trip as an opportunity to capture more Gautrain images for my collection. I managed to delete my RAW files from my Rhodesfield collection (I still cringe when I think about it).

I think the Centurion platform is one of my favourites. Here are a couple HDR shots I took with TrueHDR a this morning. I have more on my Nikon which I’ll work on later.

Update: I started working through my DSLR photos and picked out these two to share in the meantime. I’m presenting at a conference next week so I’ll have to finish the photoset off in the next couple days.

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Taking the train

I presented at a Protection of Personal Information Act seminar today and took the Gautrain instead of driving out to the venue. I took my camera with me and, on the way back, I took a number of photos at the Rhodesfield station just outside the OR Tambo airport. I enjoy taking the Gautrain (I’m not a fan of road traffic) and I love how the outdoor platforms are designed.

Here are some of my photos (along with one from one of the underground Sandton platforms – I like how the train’s light comes up behind the guard). I really like the empty platform photo and the three photos of the commuter looking at his phone.

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Midrand Mosque from the Gautrain

I took my son on a Gautrain ride yesterday afternoon and had to shoot a little video of the massive mosque near Midrand. It is pretty spectacular from the outside! This video gives you a sense of what it must look like on the ground.

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Big Brother, Gautrain edition

I noticed something interesting this morning when I took the train from Sandton to Rosebank. This security guard was filming passengers with a small digital camera or camera phone and trying to be surreptitious in the process.

The stations have CCTV so why would a security guard need to video passengers in such a suspicious way? Bomblet is working hard to appear untrustworthy and very much Big Brother.

Update: Here is a photo I took with my DSLR which I tend to carry with me everywhere.

Handheld Gautrain surveillance-1

Update 2: A Gautrain representative has responded on Twitter and Bombela seems to be investigating this matter which doesn’t seem to be a Bombela initiative:

Update 3: The Gautrain’s Twitter representative got back to me with some more feedback today: