Something for my wife and other Pokemon Go fans

Pokemon Go is almost literally taking the world by storm. I had to share this xkcd comic after seeing a little of the mania in my home with my wife.

My wake-up call to play more with our kids

One of my friends gave me a long overdue wake-up call to play more with our kids recently. I was at a local park with our kids, along with my friend and his boys.

Is Scrabulous Going Bye Bye?

Here’s a scary thought for hundreds of thousands of people … including my wife:Is Scrabulous Going Bye Bye?: “According to Josh Quittner, Hasbro may actually be shutting down the insanely popular Facebook application, Scrabulous. They must be one of the dumbest companies to make such a horrible decision. I have a better idea: acquire Scrabulous.…

Duke Nukem taking Forever

I played the original with a set of potent cheat codes mainly because I didn’t have the patience to do it the right way.  It was a lot of fun so I am looking forward to seeing the long awaited sequel, whenever it arrives.  I wonder if there will be a Mac version …Here is…

Mondli’s Long Click to Freedom

Move over Madiba, its time for Mondli’s turn in the spotlight:Make games | Share | Play free online games | User Generated Games @ PictogameBrought to you by The Times(Courtesy of Gregor)Technorati Tags:editor, government, oppression, sunday times, mondli, free mondli, long click to freedom

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