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  • My son is a Tetris fan lately. He’s competing with my friend in South Africa (they’re both playing the same game, and sending boasting screenshots by WhatsApp). He came to me with his laptop (actually mine, I’ve loaned it to him) over the weekend, excited to show me how he’s playing Tetris on the MacBook […]

  • Something for my wife and other Pokemon Go fans

    Pokemon Go is almost literally taking the world by storm. I had to share this xkcd comic after seeing a little of the mania in my home with my wife.

  • My wake-up call to play more with our kids

    One of my friends gave me a long overdue wake-up call to play more with our kids recently. I was at a local park with our kids, along with my friend and his boys.

  • Here’s a scary thought for hundreds of thousands of people … including my wife: Is Scrabulous Going Bye Bye?: “ According to Josh Quittner, Hasbro may actually be shutting down the insanely popular Facebook application, Scrabulous. They must be one of the dumbest companies to make such a horrible decision. I have a better idea: […]

  • I played the original with a set of potent cheat codes mainly because I didn’t have the patience to do it the right way.  It was a lot of fun so I am looking forward to seeing the long awaited sequel, whenever it arrives.  I wonder if there will be a Mac version … Here […]

  • Move over Madiba, its time for Mondli’s turn in the spotlight: Make games | Share | Play free online games | User Generated Games @ Pictogame Brought to you by The Times (Courtesy of Gregor) Technorati Tags:editor, government, oppression, sunday times, mondli, free mondli, long click to freedom