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  • Minimalism

    I like this quote from Minimalissimo: Minimalism doesn’t mean simply black and white, but it means functionality over aesthetic Source: Om Malik

  • Can WordPress do this?

    Web•Tech•Law’s site currently runs on Squarespace which is a remarkable platform. My site is coming up for renewal this month and I’m deciding whether to renew my subscription or move my site to another platform. WordPress came to mind first even though I tend to think of it as a blog system (legacy thinking, I…

  • Picking a project management platform that works for us

    I realised that we needed a way to track our progress on our various projects soon after I hired Nastassja as my candidate attorney at Jacobson Attorneys. Initially we worked on a workflow using – Evernote for shared notes (syncing proved to be problematic due to an error Nastassja kept encountering on her iPad when…