Tag: frustration

  • The life of a coder in gifs

    The life of a coder/developer is both a wonderful and immensely frustrating experience. The scales tip in both directions, usually several times a day. Today was no exception.

  • 100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good

    100 Lightroom presets and nothing looks good

    Today is turning out to be one of those rare days when none of my Lightroom presets look vaguely appealing.

  • Don’t be bitter, be better

    Don’t be bitter, be better

    Someone I respect gave me advice that has remained with me ever since one of my biggest personal failures: “Don’t be bitter, be better”. I made a huge mistake and that probably cost me valuable relationships but his advice continues to inspire me.

  • Frustrated thoughts about broadband and road traffic

    I found myself stuck in traffic this morning on my way to a meeting and frustrated with the amount of time wasted on the road and how better and more reliable broadband could be a huge productivity boost. I basically found myself thinking about a similar issue I ranted about a year and a half […]