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  • Watch the Formula 1 theme come to life

    Watch the Formula 1 theme come to life

    I like the Formula 1 theme that plays at the beginning of every Formula 1 race. Logically, I knew it had to have been produced in some way. I just wasn’t expecting it to be performed quite like this: That movie soundtrack genius Brian Tyler produced this theme track makes this even more awesome! Here…

  • Remarkable Formula 1 Photographers

    Remarkable Formula 1 Photographers

    I just watched a YouTube video featuring three photographers who capture Formula 1 races: Vladimir Rys, Qian Jun, and Mark Thompson. Of the three, I really like Vladimir Rys’ style, with his emphasis on the shadows, and underexposing the images in varying degrees. Here’s an example: unsplash-logoFeatured image by Chantel Lucas

  • Austrian Grand Prix Spoiler Alert Fail

    Austrian Grand Prix Spoiler Alert Fail

    I sat down to watch the pre-recorded Austrian Grand Prix after work. My son came up to me … Son: Do you know who won the race?Me: No, I haven’t looked. I just want to watch the race. My son left the room, and returned a few minutes later. Son: Can I show you something?Me…