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  • How to tease women

    Noticed this on my way up to Cerebra’s offices this morning. There are probably women’s rights organizations protesting this sort of abuse.

  • I’ve been a Seattle Coffee Co. fan for years now. My favourite store is the Hyde Park Corner store followed by Rosebank, Nelson Mandela Square and Killarney Mall stores tied for 2nd. I’ve probably been a Seattle fan since the chain opened in Joburg and I have had pretty much the same thing for most […]

  • My wife and I had breakfast at the Mugg & Bean in Killarney on Sunday.  We overheard an anti-semitic comment from someone we thought was a Mugg & Bean person and I published a blog post about it on my personal blog which I have subsequently updated for reasons that will become clear when you […]

  • I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. I have had a couple breakfasts at JB’s in Hyde Park and they were pretty good. My current favourite is the Mediterranean breakfast (I think that is the name – it had eggs, mushrooms, haloumi cheese, grilled tomato and toast) and it is very tasty. […]