Tag: Food and Drink

  • I came across this funny conversation via post-it note on a client’s fridge the other day:

  • Imagine you are waking up one morning and you feel the need for a great coffee. You reach over to your iPhone and instruct your coffee machine to make you a large latte while you climb out of bed and stumble over to the kitchen where its waiting for you. Sound like science fiction? Its […]

  • Sandton City‘s social media people asked me to direct message them regarding a joking exchange I had with Craig Jamieson on Twitter about an unpleasant experience I had at Sandton City recently. Its a bit of a story and not at all something to fit into a direct message so I’ll just blog it. Its […]

  • The lonely dictator

    I just came across this video and its brilliant, just like virtually all Nandos ads:

  • I don’t understand the appeal pork and bacon have. Granted I have never consciously eaten it (this Jewish boy just wasn’t raised that way) but why must it be part of 85.47% of meals served in restaurants and food on shelves? This label struck me as a great example of something that drives me a […]

  • We have an unwritten and evolving list of things we would like to do ay home. I am sure most people do. One of the things I would love to do is install some sort of system where we can play great sounding music in every room of the house and be able to pick […]

  • I saw this great photo and immediately thought about Tashas, the restaurant chain. One of the things I love about Tashas is the hanging stuff that seems to be thematic. The Tashas in The Zone has hanging books and the one in Atholl Square (the first one I went to), has these great hanging cups, […]