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  • Something you can do with all that leftover matzah

    Something you can do with all that leftover matzah

    My wife usually writes the foodie blog posts but this idea for all that leftover matzah is too good not to be shared. It’s pretty simple actually: make a matzah pizza. We had for lunch and this particular one is a sort of salad matzah pizza.  The first step is to spread tomato paste on…

  • I just don’t get the banting fad

    I just don’t get the banting fad

    I know banting seems like all the rage these days but I just don’t get it. Well, I roughly understand what the basic rules are but this diet and others like it seem to be, well, fads. At the moment banting is huge and people swear by it (I hear there are crop circles and…

  • Oranges are back in season

    It’s citrus season again and each year it arrives I remember how much I enjoy oranges. Seems like they return to the shelves just in time too, colds and flu season is well underway.

  • Gina's pasta maker and our culinary experience

    Gina won a pasta maker in a competition with Table 21 and The Culinary Table so we took a drive out to Lanseria so she could pick up her prize. We had a chance to spend some time in the restaurant which in a terrific space: She participated in a short photo shoot with Sharon…

  • Bean There memories

    One of the things I enjoy about putting my presentation slides for talks and workshops together is using my growing library of photos. I’ve pretty much stopped using other stock photos for my talks (well, 99% stopped). This afternoon I came across this great little set of photos I took at one of my few…

  • Happiness in a Seattle Coffee Company cup

    Nastassja popped out for lunch and brought back a little happiness in a cup for me. I directed my procrastination at this little tribute to the Seattle Coffee Company.

  • Making vanilla essence – a mini photo shoot preview

    Making vanilla essence – a mini photo shoot preview

    My wife made vanilla essence and she asked me to take some photos of the process. This post has been updated since I originally published it.

  • Beluga #fail

    I think I have been to the Beluga restaurant once. I had lunch there during a trip to Cape Town a couple years ago and when I have thought about fancy places to visit during future trips, it has tended to pop up in my mind as a possibility. That won’t be happening anymore (not…