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  • Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary

    Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. It feels like we stood under that chuppah just a few short years ago and yet I have been blessed with 11 amazing years with my wife.

  • Becoming Israeli is the hard part

    Becoming an Israeli citizen was the easy part. Becoming an Israeli is the hard part. Part of it is tied to Hebrew (for me at least) and the rest is about internalising my people’s history.

  • Spare a thought for working Dads

    Spare a thought for working Dads who have crazy hours and do everything working Moms do. We don’t just goof off and leave it all up to Moms to do.

  • The best “hug it out” technique

    I heard about the “hug it out” technique a few years ago and thought it was about hugging your hysterical child until s/he finally calms down.

  • Being a dad, learning and teaching

    I just read another great post about lessons learned from a dad. Kate Hudson‘s post “Things I learned from my dad, in chronological order” is one of those posts I love reading as a father. Things I learned from my dad, in chronological order These sorts of posts help me understand the lessons I am […]

  • Busy-ness trap: catch your bus or hug your children?

    This morning was one of those priority awareness days. I usually take our kids to school so Gina can get to work early (and return home a little earlier) but she and the kids are home sick today so I thought I’d make a run for an earlier train so I can finish work a […]

  • All for our kids

    I’ve just put our kids to sleep. My wife is at a meeting tonight so it was my chance to read them a bedtime story about a rhino and its compulsion to run everywhere before putting our daughter to bed first. I had a realisation while I listened to her breathing deeply that I’ve felt […]

  • Wow, what a year this has been. “Challenging” doesn’t quite describe it for me. My business is evolving rapidly and about to take what could potentially be a radical leap in a fairly different direction and while I’m excited about it, it also scares me more than a little (which means it is probably also […]