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  • “… you fail, only if you don’t learn from failure.”

    Failure is very much a part of our daily life experience. How we approach failure is important. Om Mailk published a terrific post about failure, titled “Failure is part of learning“. It’s well worth reading. The morning also reminded me of a vital life lesson: you fail only if you don’t learn. A lesson successfully […]

  • The key to remaining sane as a parent to a pre-teen/teenager

    I’m beginning to think that the key to remaining sane while parenting a pre-teen/teenager is learning to be ok with being regarded as a failure and a disappointment by your child because of your frustrating inability to bend spacetime, lack of infinite cash (available on demand), and general failure be ready to serve at a […]

  • The difference between failure and success when job hunting

    Failure seems to define job hunting and it’s not hard to see why. Most of your applications will fail. At the same time, recognising the successes along the way could well determine whether you will survive the ordeal and achieve that ultimate success – a job.

  • Plotting a course around business failure

    6 course corrections for businesses to follow if they want to avoid business failure.