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  • Women driven to drink

    Although I am not even remotely qualified to comment, Kristi Coulter’s article about women driven to drink makes for interesting reading.

  • Writer’s remorse and things you can’t take back

    Writer’s remorse or, as it is otherwise known: that feeling that “I probably shouldn’t have told you that”, followed by the overpowering desire to hide for a very long time.

  • Too Israeli for Israelis

    Israelis can be an acquired taste but is it possible for an Israeli to be too Israeli, even for other Israelis?

  • I am now an insulin-dependent Diabetic and that’s ok

    My Diabetes changed in the last six months. I am now an insulin-dependent Diabetic. I wanted to share my experiences in case there are others like me who feel like they are adrift and don’t know what to do.

  • Challenging #FML

    Challenging #FML

    At first #FML was a rare sighting online and, slowly, it began to find more use as people tweeted about their misfortunes online. The term has its own website featuring everyday uses and it is probably one of the most depressing memes I’ve seen online. https://twitter.com/clarewarwick/status/537892044753342464 Sure, some people have huge challenges in their lives […]

  • Don’t be bitter, be better

    Someone I respect gave me advice that has remained with me ever since one of my biggest personal failures: “Don’t be bitter, be better”. I made a huge mistake and that probably cost me valuable relationships but his advice continues to inspire me.

  • Anil Dash’s first blog post back in July 1999 titled “A Minor Revelation” was a pretty profound and highlights something I think about almost daily: The premise is that the things we experience in our daily lives are reflections of ourselves. Behaviours and traits we see in other people are perceptions of similar behaviours and […]